Friday, October 15, 2004

MCN Conference Early Morning Breakout

Ohmygod. They really mean early morning—starting at 7:45—not real good for someone who isn’t a morning person.

Emotional Intelligence: What it is and How It Can Change You and Your Organization?

I wasn’t going to go to this one—sounded way too “touchy-feely” for me. But it was good.

Great question from session leader—“How many of you think you are in sales?”—surprisingly few answered yes. I’d argue that most people in the room are in sales.

From session leader: Most people leave their jobs because of conflicts with their supervisor.

A lot of the session was about paying attention to people’s feelings and needs (starting with your own.) I missed the first part of the session so I didn’t hear the definition of Emotional Intelligence but it seems to be about getting things done by paying attention to people’s emotions. This fits with involving all staff in developing a database or a strategic technology plan (or any strategic plan for that matter).


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